Jan Polk Original Oil Paintings, note cards, limited edition prints and book A Year of Good Manners by Margery Sinclair, GAFC, AYOGM, Painter of the GAFC


Jan Polk, Painter of the Great American Flower Collection (GAFC), the "respect series" of fine art watercolor paintings.

Artist Jan Polk has also become known for her impressionistic plein air landscape oil paintings.

GAFC images are reminders to treat yourself and other with respect.

Introduction to Jan Polk’s

THE GREAT AMERICAN FLOWER COLLECTION (GAFC), also known as the “Respect Series” of fine art watercolor paintings, are patriotic symbols of the USA. They represent our human traits distilled down to our common bonds as Americans. The  GAFC "Original Collection" was painted in 1999. The second GAFC collection, the "Tribute Collection" was painted in 2001 to commemorate the attack on the USA on 9.11.2001.  The symbolic message is "We were attacked on our homeland yet we remain strong and united."


1) Large Size, 22" x 28" or larger - symbolizes our masculine side and the greatness of our country.

2) Flowers - symbolize our feminine side and our freedoms. They are reminders that our freedoms must be nurtured and not taken for granted, just as flowers must be nurtured in order to flourish.

3) Gold Background - represents the wealth of the USA as well as the wealth of opportunities available to those willing to work.

4) Watercolor Media - represents the law and order of our great country and working together. It also represents the consequences of not following the laws. The GAFC tm flowers are highly glazed. According to the laws of physics, each color must be applied and allowed to dry. Layer after layer is applied according to these principles. If we did not follow these laws of physics, one color over another over another while still wet would result in ugly "mud" colors. No matter what color of flower (even white), it takes all of the colors to arrive at one flower of one color with exceptional depth and beauty--just as the United States of America is comprised of many nationalities to make one great country. It takes all of us working together. If we don't follow the laws of the land, we get riots.

The flowers in the GAFC tm can be any flower of any color, just as the USA has many nationalities each with its own distinct personality yet we all have a common bond. Therefore, when you see a GAFC tm painting, it is a peaceful place to rest your eyes and it is a subtle reminder of all things good: peace, respect, harmony, beauty, nonviolence, strength, order, etc.

5) GAFC paintings are Signed by Jan Polk, Painter of the Great American Flower

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Great American Flower Collection (GAFC) images appear in the book "A Year of Good Manners" (AYOGM) written by Etiquette Consultant and Author Margery Sinclair.


Jan Polk, Painter of the Great American Flower Collection ™ (GAFC), the “respect series” of fine art watercolor paintings, is a Cincinnati, OH, artist currently residing in Southgate, KY since 1987.  She has studied art since 1990 and was greatly influenced by the late Don Dennis, a well-known Cincinnati, OH, watercolor artist, and David Mueller, a Chicago, IL, artist currently residing in Northern KY.  David is a Master Signature artist in the OPA and well-known for his oil portraits, figurative genre paintings, and landscapes.

Jan employs a multiple glazing technique to achieve the depth of color in her watercolor paintings.  She also works with a limited palette of only the most lightfast of watercolors to ensure the paintings will stand the test of time.  Inspirations come from travels to Europe, especially Italy, Canada and the USA.  Her works are in private collections in the USA, Europe and Australia.

Polk attained Signature Member status in the Cincinnati Art Club in November, 1999.  Two years later, November, 2001, she was appointed to the Board of Directors and became the first Webmaster of the Cincinnati Art Club’s website www.cincinnatiartclub.com.  Jan is also Webmaster of her own website www.janpolk.com which was established in March, 2000.

“I am compelled to paint.  I want to use art to inspire all of us to be respectful to one another and to work together just as the paints must work together to achieve beautiful results.”  Jan Polk’s realistic/impressionistic paintings make a bold statement but they are not overpowering.  They are intended to be a respite from the violence and obscenity that seems to be creeping into our daily lives.

The Great American Flower Collection ™ (GAFC) is fine art that promotes the message of respect, personal responsibility, law and order, and working together.  The GAFC represents our human traits distilled down to our common bonds as Americans which  is why the GAFC collections are known as “the respect series” of fine art watercolor paintings.

GAFC flowers symbolize all things good:  peace, respect, harmony, beauty, nonviolence, strength, order, freedom, etc.  As a coincidence, according to the practice of Feng Shui, flowers symbolize prosperity and beauty.  The logo flower of the GAFC Company  is The Blue Iris of the Great American Flower Collection.™ Irises are also  known as flags.  The GAFC Collection was destined to become patriotic symbols of the USA.

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